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September 2022

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Genesis Private Equity Fund IV (GPEF IV), the newest private equity fund of Genesis Capital, and Evolving Europe Principal Investments I (EEPI I), a private equity and growth capital fund advised by Integral Venture Partners, team up to acquire 100% of BORCAD cz s.r.o., innovative producer of train seats and interior equipment for passenger trains based in Fryčovice, Czech Republic.
BORCAD was founded in 1990 as a design and development studio by Mr. Ivan Boruta. Now it is a leading European producer of railway technologies offering a full range of seats for personal carriages, ranging from standard seats for regional trains to luxury, fully electrically operated seats for long-distance trains. In its more than 30 years’ history, the Company produced nearly 500,000 seats for customers in 24 countries worldwide and, with its unique design and original construction solutions, BORCAD is one of the most innovative companies in this field. The Company has 250 employees.
After 30 years of building the business, Mr. Boruta is passing its ownership to the new investors to continue further growth and developments of the Company. The new owners will build on the existing strengths of BORCAD cz and support the Company’s leadership transition from the founder to BORCAD’s current management team.
“In the last year I decided to look for new business partners, who could take over BORCAD cz. Now, I am happy to announce that out of all interested parties we have chosen to partner with GENESIS and INTEGRAL. They both manage well capitalized funds and believe in BORCAD’s vision. They can support and build on that vision and thus ensure a stable environment for the company’s growth in these difficult times. BORCAD has always been an innovative market leader thanks to its development potential and I am glad that the continuity of this strategy is ensured with the new owners,” comments Ivan Boruta, CEO of BORCAD cz.
“We perceive the investment into BORCAD as an opportunity to support strong entrepreneurial story of Mr. Ivan Boruta and his team and realize the growth potential in this attractive industry to take the company even further”, comments Radan Hanzl, Partner at Genesis Capital Equity. “We are delighted to team up with BORCAD’s experienced and dedicated management team. Their extensive experience in the sector, exceptional track-record with the Company and innovative ideas for future growth of the business were of great importance to us when evaluating the investment opportunity,” adds Tomáš Sýkora, Senior Investment Manager at Genesis Capital Equity.
“We pay tribute to the fantastic journey of BORCAD fuelled by the entrepreneurial drive of Mr. Ivan Boruta and the professionalism of the leadership team he has assembled. We look forward to being part of this journey in the future and help BORCAD further expand its market position and become a European leader in railway technologies, building on the experience and work of all BORCAD employees. This is Integral Venture Partners’ first investment in the Czech Republic, and it highlights our commitment to this market. We also look forward to our cooperation with Genesis Capital on this project. We are delighted that our activity with BORCAD will support the growth of, and transition to environmentally friendly transport, and thereby contribute to achieving the European sustainable energy targets”, comments Barna Papay, Partner at Integral Venture Partners.
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